• Real estate and property law

    We assist you during all stages of your real estate transaction – from the preliminary appraisal to actual submission of a quote, contract formation and evaluation all the way to conclusion of the real estate transaction on a trust basis and recording of the transaction on the Land Register.


    In drafting the contract and serving as trustee, our job is to complete your real estate transaction in accordance with the statutes of the electronic Trust Register of the Bar Association.


    We advise developers in the construction and marketing of building projects. Naturally, we also support buyers in concluding a purchase whenever they require assistance in dealings with the developer.

  • Civil law

    In this branch of law, we assert and defend your interests against all civil-law claims.

    We support you whenever you suffer

    • a breach of contract;
    • medical malpractice and a breach of a physician's duty of disclosure;
    • traffic accidents.
  • Employment law

    We advise and represent employers and employees in all areas of employment law. Our service include

    • formation and assessment of employment contracts and other agreements under labour law;
    • cancellation of employment relationships (termination, dismissal, resignation);
    • out-of-court and court representation in the event of contentious claims under labour law;
    • advice in labour-law matters during restructuring and business operation changes.
  • Contract formation

    We set up, assess and evaluate all types of contracts for our clients, in any of our fields of legal expertise. In particular, we draw up

    • real estate purchase contracts;
    • all types of by-laws;
    • general terms and conditions;
    • cooperation agreements;
    • employment contracts, etc.
  • Marriage and family law

    We are happy to advise you in matters relating to marriage and family law in order to protect and assert your interests. In this branch of law, our office has specialised in divorce by consent as well as contentious divorce, the dissolution of cohabitation relationships, but also in custody arrangements and maintenance issues.

  • Pharmaceutical law

    Pharmaceutical law cuts across a broad range of areas and requires a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are happy to provide practical advice in the following matters:

    • application for a manufacturer's or wholesaler license (sec. 63 Austrian Medicines Act [AMG]);
    • advice in the scope of audits;
    • GMP / GDP compliance;
    • labelling and marketing of products;
    • notification, registration, marketing authorisation;
    • import, export of healthcare products;
    • client representation in dealings with the authorities and competitors.
  • Medical law

    In terms of medical law, our services cover the following areas:

    • pharmacy law
    • Medical Profession Act and law for healthcare professions
    • (e.g. Healthcare and Nursing Act [GuGK], Medical-Technical Services Act (MTD-Gesetz) and others);
    • physician's liability for medical malpractice;
    • benefit entitlement under social health insurance
  • Marketaccess

    Access to pharmaceuticals, medicinal products and other healthcare products is a valuable asset for both suppliers and patients. We are happy to share our know how with you (15 years of experience in the healthcare sector). We support clients in various aspects of the application procedure for inclusion in the Austrian reimbursement scheme (Erstattungskodex):

    • strategy development;
    • exploration of the options available under social health insurance relating to benefit entitlement;
    • advice and support during the administrative procedure in accordance with the General Social Insurance Act (ASVG) / Regulation on the Reimbursement Code (VO-EKO), etc.;
    • consultations with the competent authorities;
    • administrative formalities required for the application (electronic work flow - EWEKO);
    • appeal before the Federal Administrative Court or Supreme Administrative Court
  • Company law

    The organisational structure of our office allows us to provide comprehensive support to small- and medium-sized enterprises. We become active early on during the start-up phase and our service range from by-laws, Company Register issues to license agreements, etc.


    In day-to-day business dealings, we advise and represent our clients in all concerns related to company law, particularly in legal matters and disputes arising out of or in relation to

    • commercial transaction;
    • general terms and conditions;
    • commercial agents
    • supply contracts;
    • acquisition/lease of companies;
    • by-laws and the like.
  • Competition law

    In order to succeed against competitors, you need to set yourself appart. We provide you with legal support when it comes to implementing your marketing ideas and help you protect these as well.

    Should no solution be found in individual cases, we are happy to use our experience to obtain a restraining order so as to protect your rights.

  • Industrial law

    Obtaining a business license quickly and reliably is vital for any entrepreneur. Furthermore, the responsibilities in the company and the resulting obligations need to be clearly defined.


    We have specific experience in the healthcare sector, particularly in matters relating to food, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

  • Industrial property rights

    Intangible goods are becoming ever more important in the modern world. We are a partner you can rely on when it comes to the following rights:

    • trademark protection;
    • copyright
  • Data protection/privacy law

    Data is frequently the key to success. Data is important. But data also belongs to someone and is protected. We are happy to help you implement your projects in due accordance with privacy legislation and offer the following related services:

    • project assessment to ensure compliance with privacy law;
    • applications/notifications to the Data Protection Authority (electronic work flow);
    • drafting of bespoke disclaimers and declarations of consent.

Gillhofer Plank Rechtsanwälte

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Gillhofer Plank Rechtsanwälte

Herrengasse 6-8/3/5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone +43 1 53 37 154

Fax +43 1 53 37 154 - 99



Legal notice